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Indianastrologist.com is a website based on true principles of astrology. Indian Astrology is the base of all forms of modern astrology.Vedic astrology “Jyotish” is the most accurate in terms of predictions. It is called as the Eyes of the Vedas also. Indianastrologist.com is commited to provide personal consultation to every person who cotacts us for help. Indianastrologist.com will provide genuine Rudrakshas & Natural authentic Gemstones at lowest price.
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Our aim is to provide genuine astrology service and genuine astrological products to everyone who requires it. We provide high quality astrology services at lowest prices with 100% moneyback gurantee.
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We are a website based in India. Indianastrologist.com is a website owned by Famous Indian Astrologer Shshir Raai who has done vast study and research in field of astrology and occult sciences.
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We provide astrology predictions on Phone +91 9334359213 and also through email. You need to email our astrologer at @indianastrologist.com about your problem and we will provide complete solution.

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Astrology is not only about predictions , its about healing planets. Some planets are unfavourable which causes us troubles in our day to day life.By Astro remdies like puja, gemstones, mantras etc. we can lessen the negative effects of planets. It changes our luck and life. We will provide consultation according to your needs like numerology name change correction, career guidance, business suggestions etc.

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